10 Fitness Apps To Download Now!




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We love staying connected, especially when we can take our phones wherever we go in our Swoob! Here’s ten fit-tastic apps we love you need to download now to take advantage of all your smartphones resources!

1.     MyFitnessPal- Fitness Log: A great place to log your food and water for the day! Also lets you log exercise, set goals, and track progress.  BONUS: you can scan the barcodes of food items you eat and it’ll tell you the nutrition facts


2.     Tabata Trainer: High Intensity Interval Trainer: Based on the 4-minute tabata  method, you can choose from pre-loaded exercise routines or customize your own, this app is sure to make you break a sweat!


3.     EveryMove: Exercise Reward Program: Having a hard time motivating yourself to workout? This app turns exercise into points that you can earn rewards from retailers and services.  Syncs easily with many other apps to keep you all on the same page (MyFitnessPall, Runtastic, etc)


4.     Power20: Interval Trainer: This app takes note of your current fitness levels and customizes 20 minute full-body routines just for you! Each routine is fitted to your needs while still providing a challenge. 


5.     SworkIt: Pin Pointed Exercise: Want to work just your arms? How about an abs day? At a loss of what to do? Look no further! This app allows you to enter in the area you want to work for how long and it customizes a routine for you. 


6.     Spring: Playlist Maker: Fuel your exercises with music you like! This app lets you pick your activity and then customize what kind of music you like listening to and then does the rest! Customized playlists for the level of activity based on beats per minute takes the guesswork out of picking workout playlists. 


7.     RoadID: GPS Tracker: Perfect for the solo athlete, and worried parents/boyfriends/roommates alike.  The RoadID allows friends or family to track your movements when you’re out and about.  A customizable lock screen displays up to three emergency contacts and important health info in case of emergency. 


8.     Calm: Guided Meditations: We all could use a break from our crazy, stressful, busy lives—even if it’s a quick one.  Calm has plenty of guided meditations for all sorts of energy.


9.     Performance Stretching: Guided Stretches: Stretching pre and post workout is important, but stretching correctly is even more important. This app provides video guided dynamic stretches for before workouts and static and foam roller stretches for cool downs. Loaded with over 150 stretches, this app has a bounty of stretches for all types of sports and injury prevention. 


10.   Sleep Cycle: Bio-Alarm Clock: This new-age alarm system analyzes sleep patterns so you get woken up when you’re in your lightest sleep phase, which in turn leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed instead of groggy. 



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